Body Wraps

& Zero Gravity Chair Massage

If you are looking for a Restful, Relaxing or stress/pain Relieving space of time on a busy day, schedule the 15 minute Zero Gravity Experience that will make you come away feeling Revived and Renewed. The Chair Massager is equipped with the latest in Japanese technology almost mimicking a human massage therapist and totally affordable at $1.00 a minute. First timers receive a complimentary 15 minutes Zero Gravity Experience.

Fragrant Essential Oils are used in our version of a European Spa Wrap. Many health benefits can be achieved with scented oils ranging from stress relief, improved lymphatic flow, and decreased joint pain. For many, it is the answer for chronic dry skin. The full body session begins with a light exfoliation, followed by a hydrating spritz. Appropriate essential oils are then applied to the body in a soothing Swedish massage style.

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"Adding essential oils to a massage just gives it an added bonus!! There's an essential oil that helps every ailment & Susan has the knowledge of how to use every oil."

Jenna Thomas - Birchwood, TN

"I have used Susan for the last 13 years. She is a phenomenal therapist and has taught me so much about using essential oils daily."

Rebecca Holder - Signal Mtn, TN

"Susan Hargis has been helping me with my back and neck for about 18 years. Recently Tin Laser Vision added a Zero Gravity Massage chair. Once you learn to not fight, it is very nice. It massages the bottom of your feet, your legs, arms and finally places you into a soft backward stretch for your back. There are rollers that go up and down each side of your back. Very nice."

David McGuff - Signal Mtn, TN

"I love the Zero Gravity Chair. It's so relaxing and really seems to get the blood flowing all through my body... the foot massage feels amazing."

Pam Pollard - Chattanooga, TN