Cellulite Therapy

& Cupping Massage

An aspirated mechanical skin rolling massage treatment, it is used for the reduction of cellulite, and is based on a lymphatic drainage massage using individualized settings on the Silhouette machine. This therapy is excellent for problems with swelling of the body caused by poor lymphatic drainage. Sessions are twice a week for 35 minutes targeting the problem areas. 16 sessions may be necessary.

Designed for Lymph Reduction and Pain Relief, the cupping massage is offered as a Full Body or Facial Session using the Silhouette Cellulite Reduction machine, which gives the added benefit of a Skin Lift. This wonderful Vacuum Therapy combined with hands on techniques allows the fascia that connects everything from skin to subcutaneous tissue to the deep muscles and organs of the body to become relaxed and supple. The results gained are decreased inflammation and pain, stress relief, and an overall sense of well being.

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"I am a believer in Silhouette cellulite reduction. I tried it when it first came out and loved the results. You really can tell a difference if you stick to the program that Susan recommends. I have told my friends about it and would recommend this to anyone who wants some extra help with looking leaner and better in your clothes."

DeLisa Ensley - Chattanooga, TN

"I love the Silhouette system for reduction of cellulite. I see inches come off my thighs and waist. It not only minimizes the appearance of cellulite but this therapy is excellent for tight muscles and swelling. As a runner I have tight hamstrings and I.T. bands and it is a great all over body massage. I have been doing the Silhouette message for many years and Susan Hargis is very knowledgeable on how to properly use the machine."

Amy Culton - Soddy Daisy, TN

"Susan Hargis does these awesome facials that gets rid of all dead skin cells without heat or chemicals!! It leaves you with smooth skin with no sensation of heat and without any chemical side effects! Love it!"

Dawn Shea - Chattanooga, TN