Corneal Transplant


DSEK (Descemets Stripping Endothelial Keratoplasty) is a State of the Art, less invasive Corneal Transplant, which removes only the back surface of the cornea that is deceased, and is replaced only with the back surface of a healthy donor cornea. It is the procedure of choice for experienced corneal surgeons.

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"Dr Tin did a magnificent job with my eyes!. I needed a Corneal Transplant as well as Cataract Surgery in my right eye - he performed both - a partial Corneal Transplant (DSEK) and the no patch, no stitch , no shot Cataract Surgery. From count fingers only, I now see 20/20 in my right eye!"

Steve Mabry - Sody Daisy, TN

"I was very pleased with my procedure (DSEK, a partial Corneal Transplant). Dr. Tin made my surgery painless, and my follow ups were all in a timely manner."

Elizabeth Shirley - Ringgold, GA