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Our Services:


  • · Comprehensive and Routine Eye Care for both Adults & Children
  • · Full service Optical Dispensary Contact Lens & Prescription Glasses
  • · Fashion Eye Wear, Safety Glasses, Hard-to-Fit Contacts & CRT
  • · Eye Diseases & Injuries, Eye Muscle/Strabismus Correction
  • · Diabetic Eye Care, Glaucoma Surgery & Treatment
  • · Corneal Transplants, DSEK, Oculoplastic Surgery
  • · BLADELESS Radio Surgery for Lesions and Lid Surgery

VISION RESTORATION AND CORRECTION - Cutting Edge Technology Providing a Life Changing Experience


  • · Cataract Surgery with Premium Intraocular Lens
  • · MULTIFOCAL IOL to correct near, intermediate and distance vision
  • · TORIC IOL to correct astigmatism


  • · Bladeless In-office LASER Eye Lid & Brow Lifts
  • · BOTOX & Derma Fillers
  • · Medical Grade Skin Care & Products

Care & Compassion - Our mission is to provide the best possible vision in a caring atmosphere. Our staff are totally committed to taking care of you. Whether you have come to us for a thorough Vision Exam, an Eye Health Check because of being Diabetic or on High Risk medications, Treatment for Glaucoma, Cataract evaluation, Eye Muscle problems, Eye Diseases or Injuries, we strive to make your visit to us a positive experience.

Experience - Dr. Tin has been in practice as a comprehensive Eye MD and Surgeon, taking care of the greater Chattanooga, Hamilton County area, including Catoosa County and the surrounding areas for over 40 years, and is totally committed to providing you with the best possible care. Experience the difference a Board Certified Eye Surgeon can make in your life!

Expertise - One of the Southeast's most experienced surgeons, he has been performing eye surgery since 1967 when he was with the World Health Organization. Whatever your eye treatment needs are, and whatever surgical procedures you seek, as a teaching physician in surgical techniques for over 27 years and a leader in his field, Dr. Tin brings Years of Experience, State of the Art, Cutting edge Technology, and Individualized, Customized Follow Through Care.

Our Commitment - While our mission is caring for your vision, we want to provide exceptional care for you We are committed to serving you with the best professional care and expertise, and we will work very hard to make sure that you are able to achieve the best possible vision, and that you will come away satisfied with our care. Dr. Tin and his staff will be with you every step of the way as you experience a lifetime of better vision! At Tin Laser Vision Center, our philosophy is "caring for your vision, caring for you". Whether you are looking for a specialized procedure, an individualized treatment, or just any of the vision services we offer at Tin Laser Vision Center, we are committed to offering you the finest in patient care. We appreciate your trust in our ability to care for one of life's most precious gifts - your sight!

“I chose PRK because it fits my active lifestyle much more. My combined vision is 20/10 now and I could not express how amazing the feeling is to wake up and see perfectly without glasses or contacts. I never dreamed the results would be so great, but I think it is largely due to the abundant care I was given by Dr Tin and his staff leading up to and even months after the surgery! I was amazed at how quickly the procedure was over, and I felt comfortable and at ease with Dr Tin throughout the process. I would do it again in a heartbeat!”
                                      - Brandon Hall

Practice Hours:
Monday through Friday 8.30am to 5pm. By Appointment only

Two Convenient Locations to Serve You -
930 Oak Street, in downtown Chattanooga TN, and 1638 Battlefield Parkway in Ft Oglethorpe, GA

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