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Glaucoma, a leading cause of blindness, is an eye disease that left unchecked could cause painless loss of vision, sometimes undetected until blindness sets in. It is controlled by regular eye exams, regulated eye drops and procedures such as Selective Laser Trabeculoplasty, By-pass I shunt, or I-Stent which helps to release the pressure in the eye, and possibly reduce the amount of glaucoma eye medication.

The I-Stent Glaucoma Surgery is being successfully performed at the same time as a Cataract Surgery, and offers patients the convenience of a ONE-TIME visit to the outpatient surgery center possibly lowering costs, travel and caregiver time.

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"I love Dr. Tin and his staff! I recently had combined Cataract and Glaucoma surgery for both eyes on December 2014 and January 2015. My experience with Dr. Tin and his staff was great from start to finish. I am a combat war Veteran, yet I was afraid of the surgery. Dr. Tin and his staff treated me like family, and I was at ease through the entire procedures. I highly recommend Dr. Tin and his staff."

Albert C Harjes, Jr. - Chattanooga, TN

"Dr. Tin recently treated both my eyes by performing a LASER assisted Cataract surgery. I can now see very well without my glasses. At the very same time he did a by-pass surgery by placing an ISTENT in my eyes to control my glaucoma . I totally trust Dr. Tin to preserve my eye sight. I have been his patient for many years and have found him and his entire staff to be very competent, caring and compassionate."

Sylvia Taub - Ringgold, GA